4 Essential Steps for 500, 476, 485, 407 Visa Holders

What Students Must Do Before Traveling to Australia During COVID-19

  1. Hold a valid student visa
  2. Be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with an Australian Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) approved or recognized vaccine
  3. PCR TEST: Provide evidence at check-in of a negative Covid-19 PCR test with 3 Days Before your your flight’s scheduled departure
  4. Digital Passenger declaration/Australian Travel Declaration: Provide health information Include your vaccination certificate, and Make a legally binding declaration in relation to your vaccination status.

Student Visa Processing Australia

  • Students Visa processing has continues while Australia’s borders have been close.
  • As of 1 November 2021, there are over 160,000 students visa holders outside Australia.
  • We encourage students to provide complete Student visa Applications. to check the requirements, students can use the Document checklist tool.
  • A complete application will enable quicker processing Students should:
    • Complete their health examinations, English language tests and biometrics collection as soon as possible.
    • provide evidence of health insurance up to the appropriate date.
    • check their application and update if any of the details have changed.

(if a student has change their CoE since they applied, they will need to attach the new CeO the application via ImmiAccount as soon As possible.)

Australia Pre-Departure PCR Testing

  • All travelers to australia must Provide a Negative pre-departure test within 3 days before their flight’s scheduled departure.
  • results must be presented at airline check in.
  • For the safety of passengers, airlines will not board passengers who have a positive test result.
  • Exemptions to pre-departure testing requirements are available for specific individuals and countries.
    • Countries/Jurisdictions exempt from the PCR pre-departure testing requirement are subject to change based on local conditions.
    • For more information visit the Department of health Website https://www.health.gov.au/.

What is Digital Passenger Clarification

The Digital Passenger Clarification (DPD) is a new digital system which the Quick and Secure collection of incoming passenger information.

The DPD will replace the existing Australia Travel Declaration web-based form and the Incoming Passenger card. It will also incorporate the international certificate or other foreign vaccination certificates.

The Information collected through the DPD will help inform Government decisions about travel requirements, including quarantine Arrangements. Information collects through the DPD will be able to be securely shared with State and territory public health authorities to support contact tracing.

The DPD will come online later this year. In the meantime, travelers will continue to use the Australia Travel Declaration.

Vaccines and Vaccination Status

  • Approved or Recognized Vaccines
  • Current Accepted vaccines and dosages for purposes of travel are:
    • One dose of Jonson & Jonson
    • Two Doses at least 14 days apart of the others
  • Seven days must have passes to be considered fully vaccinated.
  • Mixes doses count towards being fully vaccinated as long as all vaccines are approved or recognized by the TGA.
  • If not vaccinated with the above doses or schedule, it does not meet Australia’s definition of fully vaccinated.
AstraZeneca VaxzevriaAt least 14 days apart
AstraZeneca COVISHIELDAt least 14 days apart
Pfizer/Biontech ComirnatyAt least 14 days apart
Moderna SpikevaxAt least 14 days apart
Sinovac CoronavacAt least 14 days apart
Janssen-Cilag COVID VaccineOne dose only
Bharat Biotech Covaxin: two doses At least 14 days apart
BBIBP-CorV Sinopharm: two doses At least 14 days apart
TGA Approves Vaccines

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