UWA New SCHOLARSHIP valued up to $30,000 per student

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The University of Western Australia (UWA) has new scholarships for Indian high-achieving students.

The UWA International Achievement Scholarship comes into effect today, 22 November, and all new applications received from this date will automatically be assessed for eligibility.

Students who have previously received or accepted an offer to study at UWA may be eligible for the new scholarship. In recognition of our partnership, our Regional Managers will work with you to reassess all existing submitted applications you identify as a priority. 

The scholarship, an annual tuition-fee discount for the normal full-time duration of the course, will be awarded to eligible Indian students who apply for specified courses within the study areas of Commerce, Engineering, Computer Science and Data Science.

Scholarship Value
The value of the scholarship is determined by students’ equivalent Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or equivalent UWA weighted average mark (WAM) as shown below.


ATAR 85-89.99 AUD$5,000 per annum Up to AUD$15,000 value
ATAR 90+ AUD$10,000 per annum Up to AUD$30,000 value


WAM 70-74.99 AUD$5,000 per annum Up to AUD$10,000 value
WAM 75-79.99 AUD$8,000 per annum Up to AUD$16,000 value
WAM 80+ AUD$10,000 per annum Up to AUD$20,000 value

Advanced Standing* – credit awarded with offer

ATAR 85+ AUD$3,000 total

The information we need from you in order to reassess your students can be found in the table below.

For the list of eligible courses, please review all terms and conditions of the scholarship on the UWA Scholarships database.

What does this mean for your students?

The following information will help you assess each of your students and will explain what action you can take to prioritise their reassessment (if applicable). 

Student application status Action UWA will take What can you do to ensure priority assessment?
New applicant All new applicants will be assessed at the time of application and awarded the scholarship automatically if eligible Advise your high-achieving students they may be eligible for a scholarship from a prestigious Go8 university
Submitted applicant All applicants awaiting assessment will be awarded the scholarship automatically if their assessment shows they are eligible Advise your high achieving students they may be eligible for a scholarship from a prestigious Go8 university
Conditional offer holder Once all required documentation is provided, the applicant will be assessed for their scholarship eligibility Highlight all students you believe may be eligible and we’ll reassess them once they become eligible.
Unconditional offer holder In recognition of your ongoing support, we will reassess any priority applications you have already submitted Highlight all applicants you would like prioritised and we’ll push them through our Admissions process as quickly as we can.
Accepted offer In recognition of your ongoing support, we will reassess any priority applications you have already submitted and, if the student is eligible, apply a credit to their next unpaid semester
Accepted offer with existing scholarship Our admissions team will reassess your student’s eligibility against all available scholarships, and whichever has the greatest value will be awarded as a credit to the next unpaid semester

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