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Top Universities in Australia | Australia University Rankings 2022

According to World University Ranking 2022 RESULTS Australia university ranking given below.

According to World University Ranking 2022 RESULTS Australia university ranking given below.

NATIONAL RANK1REGIONAL RANK12022 RANK27=2021 RANK31=Institution NameThe Australian National UniversityOverall RANK49Overall SCORE84
NATIONAL RANK2REGIONAL RANK22022 RANK372021 RANK41Institution NameThe University of MelbourneOverall RANK28Overall SCORE81.4
NATIONAL RANK3REGIONAL RANK32022 RANK382021 RANK40Institution NameThe University of SydneyOverall RANK13Overall SCORE80.4
NATIONAL RANK4REGIONAL RANK42022 RANK432021 RANK44Institution NameThe University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Overall RANK30Overall SCORE77.7
NATIONAL RANK5REGIONAL RANK52022 RANK472021 RANK46Institution NameThe University of QueenslandOverall RANK19Overall SCORE76.6
NATIONAL RANK6REGIONAL RANK62022 RANK582021 RANK55Institution NameMonash UniversityOverall RANK17Overall SCORE72.2
NATIONAL RANK7REGIONAL RANK82022 RANK932021 RANK92Institution NameThe University of Western AustraliaOverall RANK25Overall SCORE62.5
NATIONAL RANK8REGIONAL RANK92022 RANK1082021 RANK106=Institution NameThe University of AdelaideOverall RANK33Overall SCORE57.9
NATIONAL RANK9REGIONAL RANK102022 RANK1332021 RANK133=Institution NameUniversity of Technology SydneyOverall RANK80Overall SCORE53.9
NATIONAL RANK10REGIONAL RANK112022 RANK1932021 RANK196Institution NameUniversity of WollongongOverall RANK167Overall SCORE44.9
NATIONAL RANK11REGIONAL RANK12=2022 RANK194=2021 RANK217=Institution NameCurtin UniversityOverall RANK314Overall SCORE44.8
NATIONAL RANK12REGIONAL RANK142022 RANK1972021 RANK197=Institution NameThe University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)Overall RANK426Overall SCORE44.6
NATIONAL RANK13REGIONAL RANK152022 RANK2002021 RANK214=Institution NameMacquarie UniversityOverall RANK82Overall SCORE44.1
NATIONAL RANK14REGIONAL RANK162022 RANK2062021 RANK223=Institution NameRMIT UniversityOverall RANK83Overall SCORE42.8
NATIONAL RANK15REGIONAL RANK172022 RANK2132021 RANK217=Institution NameQueensland University of Technology (QUT)Overall RANK327Overall SCORE42.1
NATIONAL RANK16REGIONAL RANK202022 RANK2832021 RANK275=Institution NameDeakin UniversityOverall RANK185Overall SCORE36.1
NATIONAL RANK17REGIONAL RANK222022 RANK290=2021 RANK303=Institution NameGriffith UniversityOverall RANK340Overall SCORE35.1
NATIONAL RANK18REGIONAL RANK232022 RANK303=2021 RANK308=Institution NameUniversity of TasmaniaOverall RANK53Overall SCORE34.2
NATIONAL RANK19REGIONAL RANK242022 RANK3212021 RANK372Institution NameSwinburne University of TechnologyOverall RANK138Overall SCORE33
NATIONAL RANK20REGIONAL RANK252022 RANK326=2021 RANK295=Institution NameUniversity of South AustraliaOverall RANK192Overall SCORE32.8
NATIONAL RANK21REGIONAL RANK262022 RANK362=2021 RANK398=Institution NameLa Trobe UniversityOverall RANK65Overall SCORE30.8
NATIONAL RANK22REGIONAL RANK292022 RANK407=2021 RANK423=Institution NameFlinders UniversityOverall RANK94Overall SCORE27.8
NATIONAL RANK23REGIONAL RANK302022 RANK424=2021 RANK462=Institution NameJames Cook UniversityOverall RANK395Overall SCORE27.1
NATIONAL RANK24REGIONAL RANK312022 RANK436=2021 RANK456=Institution NameUniversity of CanberraOverall RANK139Overall SCORE26.6
NATIONAL RANK25REGIONAL RANK32=2022 RANK451=2021 RANK414=Institution NameBond UniversityOverall RANK46Overall SCORE25.8
NATIONAL RANK26REGIONAL RANK342022 RANK494=2021 RANK474=Institution NameWestern Sydney UniversityOverall RANK286Overall SCORE24.1
NATIONAL RANK27REGIONAL RANK352022 RANK581-5902021 RANK571-580Institution NameMurdoch UniversityOverall RANK201Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK28=REGIONAL RANK36=2022 RANK601-6502021 RANK591-600Institution NameCentral Queensland University (CQUniversity Australia)Overall RANK56Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK28=REGIONAL RANK36=2022 RANK601-6502021 RANK551-560Institution NameVictoria UniversityOverall RANK111Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK30REGIONAL RANK382022 RANK651-7002021 RANK651-700Institution NameEdith Cowan UniversityOverall RANK123Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK31=REGIONAL RANK39=2022 RANK701-7502021 RANK701-750Institution NameCharles Darwin UniversityOverall RANK122Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK31=REGIONAL RANK39=2022 RANK701-7502021 RANK701-750Institution NameUniversity of Southern QueenslandOverall RANK337Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK33REGIONAL RANK412022 RANK751-8002021 RANK751-800Institution NameSouthern Cross UniversityOverall RANK142Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK34=REGIONAL RANK42=2022 RANK801-10002021 RANK801-1000Institution NameAustralian Catholic UniversityOverall RANK282Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK34=REGIONAL RANK42=2022 RANK801-10002021 RANK801-1000Institution NameCharles Sturt UniversityOverall RANK75Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK34=REGIONAL RANK42=2022 RANK801-10002021 RANK801-1000Institution NameUniversity of New England AustraliaOverall RANK601+Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK37REGIONAL RANK452022 RANK1001-12002021 RANKInstitution NameUniversity of the Sunshine CoastOverall RANK343Overall SCORE
NATIONAL RANK38REGIONAL RANK462022 RANK1201+2021 RANKInstitution NameThe University of Notre Dame, AustraliaOverall RANK601+Overall SCORE

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