ELICOS Graduations

Congratulations to Ford, Yoode, Leekung and Yok for completing your English Secondary School Preparation course. You will all definitely be missed as you go back to Thailand to continue your studies. Everyone at Ozford wishes you the best of luck and hopefully we will see you back in Australia soon!



Ozford Around the World – India

Susan is out of the office until 27th May, as she is travelling to India. She will be travelling around the country for two weeks, so be sure to meet her if she comes to your city. Susan will be conducting a number of seminars where both agents and potential students can learn everything they need to know about Ozford, as well as student life in Melbourne. Keep up to date with her travels by following Ozford Australia on Facebook. Her trip starts off in Delhi.

Year 12 Further Maths

At the end of last term, the Year 12 Further Maths class sat their first SAC, an application task for the Data Analysis topic. The theme for this year’s task was to analyse recent horse racing results, using the statistical techniques learnt in class, to see if there was a correlation between a horse’s starting price (odds of winning) and its finishing position. Each student analysed a different set of race results. In most cases there was not really a strong association between the odds and placings. This goes to show that betting on horse racing is not a good idea unless you are prepared to lose money!

This term we are studying Financial Arithmetic. Students learn how things like investments, loans, mortgages, annuities etc. work and will sit their SAC in a few weeks. Hopefully they will be well informed when it comes time for them to make an investment or one day buy a house. Certainly a better option than horse racing!

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