Top Universities in Australia | Australia University Rankings 2022

According to World University Ranking 2022 RESULTS Australia university ranking given below. NATIONAL RANK REGIONAL RANK 2022 RANK 2021 RANK Institution Name Overall RANK Overall SCORE NATIONAL RANK1 REGIONAL RANK1 2022 RANK27= 2021 RANK31= Institution NameThe Australian National University Overall RANK49 Overall SCORE84 NATIONAL RANK2 REGIONAL RANK2 2022 RANK37 2021 RANK41 Institution NameThe University of […]

The step-by-step procedure to apply for Canada study permit

Why should you choose Canada as your first and last study destination? Canada has always been an education hub for students across the globe, as it offers cost-friendly and high quality of education alongside unparalleled standards of living. The universities and colleges offer from short-term diploma programs to long-term degree programs, which are globally recognised […]

What is SOP (Statement of Purpose)

An SOP gives a glimpse of an applicant’s academic history, intentions for studying the course among other information. If we were to assume a student application as a human body then SOP or Statement of Purpose is the backbone on which the entire physical structure stands. The entire application is basis an SOP. In layman’s, […]