How to Apply Canada Visa Application

Like in any country Canada has different processing guidelines depending on the type of visa a person wants to apply

Canada has always been one of the most sought after countries by people willing to relocate to a foreign destination. It is then no wonder that Canadian government has laid down certain guidelines pertaining to visa application to streamline the entire process. Like in any country Canada has different processing guidelines depending on the type of visa a person wants to apply.

Types of Canada Visa Application

  • Temporary Resident Visa.
  • Study permits.
  • Work permits.
  • Permanent Resident Travel Document.

Canadian visa application can be easily applied online on the following website All the questions relevant to individual visa type can be found here along with the documents that needs to be submitted. The process is also quite explained along with other important information.

This site further enables an applicant to download a pdf as a reference for the number of documents that needs to be collated prior to submission of an application. Although Canadian visa application is simplified to an extent which is easily understandable by the gentry.

Table of Contents

There are certain things that are a mandate while filling a visa application form.

  1. Fill out any and all previous application details (if any). This is a must as it shows the authenticity of the application and also proves to a certain extent the main reason behind the application. (Visit Visa Application)
  2. Mention the native language of the region you are applying from. (Visit Visa Application).
  3. Since Canada is one of the countries in the world that has two national languages namely English and French and if an applicant is not versatile in neither of the two, do not fill “neither” in the column. It gives a negative impression. (Visit Visa Application).
  4. Ensure that all academic credentials are provided while including gap proof if any while filling out application form (Study visa application).
  5. Ensure that GIC is paid while applying for study visa (Canada study visa application)

These are a few points that must be adhered to while filling out respective Canada Visa Application.

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