The step-by-step procedure to apply for Canada study permit

Why should you choose Canada as your first and last study destination? Canada has always been an education hub for students across the globe, as it offers cost-friendly and high quality of education alongside unparalleled standards of living. The universities and colleges offer from short-term diploma programs to long-term degree programs, which are globally recognised […]

Why should you plan to study abroad for your bright future?

To become a recipient of a world- class education and learn from highly experienced mentors  is a dream for every student. Studying abroad introduces you to a diverse culture, people, and places and lets you learn new languages. This brand new experience can be unique and highly rewarding for your professional and personal development. In […]

Study in Canada ::: Lambton College :: Hurry up!!!

An unpredictable pandemic has sent a sudden urge in people to think profoundly of their perspective future in India. Almost all the sectors have been adversely affected. The omnipotent virus did not even spare the education sector. It’s been almost a year since students have been taking online classes. In this pandemic, employment opportunities have […]