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Spouse Visa Application Canada

What is Canadian spouse visa

If you are a Canadian PR holder or a Canadian citizen who wants to sponsor your spouse in Canada, reunion is the perfect way to sponsor your loved one (wife / child / parent) we at Bluesky Immigration have helped thousands of families to reunite in Canada more quickly and easily with peace of mind.

Spouse Visa Canada: Eligible people can sponsor a spouse, dependent children or partner. The following conditions must be adhered to by sponsoring a spouse or dependents.

1.      The dependents must not require any form of social or financial assistance from the Canadian government.

2.      The primary sponsor must be able to support them financially.

3.      Check your eligibility to sponsor someone.

4.      If the primary sponsor is living in Quebec, they must meet all the “Quebec’s Immigration Sponsorship Requirements” and the primary sponsor must sign an undertaking with the province of Quebec.

5.      For sponsoring your spouse, the primary sponsor must be:

5.1.   Minimum 18 years old.

5.2.   Legally married to the primary sponsor.

6.      Application to sponsor a spouse involves 2 applications that need to be filled.

6.1.   The spouse must apply for a permanent residence.

6.2.   The primary sponsor must apply to become a sponsor.


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