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If you prefer a high-quality health cover for yourself BUPA is the best t option. We can get it done for you.

Bupa OVHC & OSHC Health Insurance

Bupa provides affordable and high-quality Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) that meets the Australian Government visa requirements, so you can have peace of mind while you are studying in Australia. Bupa OSHC also offers up to 100% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee for the cost of medical services provided by doctors or specialists in hospital (inpatient) or out of hospital (outpatient).Students who join Bupa OSHC will have access to Bupa’s extensive private hospital network and, in many instances, can be sure of the costs for their treatment upfront. Plus, with Bupa OSHC, you will save money on medicines when they been prescribed by a doctor. Bupa OSHC members also have access to unlimited emergency ambulance transportation and on-the-spot treatment by Bupa recognized providers. If you find yourself needing some support, all Bupa OSHC students have access to the 24-Hour Student Advice Line which aids in 180 languages for personal health or lifestyle related questions, including medical and accident assistance, personal home and property assistance, general tax and legal inquiries and trauma counseling.


When will my coverage begin if I join Bupa?

As a result, if you are migrating off of a student visa, your 485 health coverage should begin the day after your student visa expires because the Australian government mandates that foreign visitors have proper health coverage for the duration of their term in Australia.

What are medical aids and equipment?

External devices, appliances, or aids used to help people manage or treat a medical condition or to help stop additional injury or the worsening of a health condition are known as health aids and appliances. which additional advantages pay.

What makes Bupa's Terms necessary in the first place?

The Terms aim to guarantee that Bupa recognized providers to abide by their legal, industry, and Bupa standards and define the terms on which we agree to provide health insurance benefits.

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