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What is the ACT Critical Skills List?

The ACT Critical Skills List was last updated on 11 July 2022. It applies to all Canberra Matrix, regardless of when they were submitted. We will update the list annually ahead of the new financial year to make sure that the ACT Migration Program adapts and responds to the evolving critical skills needs of the ACT economy....

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Australian visa changes for 2022-23 and what a new government may bring

The start of the financial year on 1 July means a resetting of spots in Australia's migration program, opening up new opportunities for people from overseas. But this year also presents some key changes for certain visa holders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic....

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Occupation Nomination and Skills Assessment for Subclass 485 Visas

Subsection 504(1) of the Migration Actprovides that the Governor-General may make regulations, not inconsistent with the Migration Act, prescribing matters required or permitted to be prescribed, or necessary or convenient to be prescribed, for carrying out or giving effect to the Migration Act....

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