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Iman OVHC Health Insurance

IMAN Australian Health Cover Plans have been around for more than 30 years, to take care of its clients who travel, work, or stay in Australia. This here is a brand that has served a vast clientele and has its name taken with the best Healthcare Cover Plans from across the globe. IMAN has been in the business of providing health cover to people working overseas for more than three decades.

Every IMAN Australian Health Plan has been carefully designed by people who hold expertise in every single detail related to the healthcare system of this country. All Health Plans at IMAN comply with the requirements of the Department of Immigration with respect to the 457 Visa Application. These plans include the cover for the ambulance, hospital admission, and such. For your stay in Australia, you can always expect an IMAN Health Cover Plan to take care of you, giving you nothing but peace of mind.


Can I terminate my OSHC coverage of IMAN if I won't be traveling to Australia any longer?

Yes, you can cancel your insurance. To learn more, see the IMAN OSHC Refund page.

Do I have coverage for COVID-19 pathology tests?

You will be reimbursed for 85% of the MBS rate for outpatient treatments like pathology when the therapy is not a part of a hospital stay. For purposes of filing a claim, the item number on the receipt must be accurate.

Do I have insurance coverage for prescription drugs to aid in my COVID-19 recovery?

You can get assistance from Nib to pay for some prescription drugs.

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